Information for potential offline / Online subs & submissives

* Greet me as Miss Madison or Mistress Madison. Alternatively I am ok with Goddess, Queen, Mam.

* Do NOT greet me with an vanilla / pet names like: babe, bae, bb, hun, sexy, yo, hottie, doll etc.

* I do NOT do scripted live shows or phone calls. Meaning I will not be following your story line. For example if you want me to provide a combo fetish like cuckold with sph, great! I will work with that. If you ask me to play your wife, that comes home from shopping wearing a certain outfit and you are sitting in a certain position watching me fuck a named person while looking at you in a certain position etc etc I will NOT provide this live over cam or phone. Something this detailed is good for a custom clip which I can do. Too many details I find makes live sessions awkard, fake, not fun for me and far too controlling for my tastes. Remember I'm the alpha here, not you. I do not take to kindly to orders or topping from the bottom.

* My working hours are 9am to 9pm mountain time zone. During this time frame I'm available for real time sessions(not past 8pm), live cam, phone, sext, customs. Please do not disturb me outside this time frame. A great idea on Niteflirt is to favorite me and see when I turn on my lines. If you see my lines turned on that means I'm available. You may send me a Niteflirt chat anytime....this is the only exception since it does not disturb me & I can respond when I have time.

* Real time sessions require min 24hr notice to book

* Real time session require 10% deposit to book & hold your session with me.

* Personal items are for sale: dirty panties, socks, nail clippings, spit, skid mark panties

* Scat Clips are available email me at missmadisonstone@hotmail.com

* When contacting me have a good idea of what you are into. Telling me to "just dominate" you is a waste of your time and my time. I will not play the guessing game. Everyone is into something different, especially in the fetish industry. Statements like "just do what you want Mistress" also do not work. Yes I am in charge however if I start talking about faggot training and you are more into foot worship then no one wins.

* Do not compare other dommes or their work. Do not contact me and ask me to do what someone else did and how they did it. I am not a robot nor am I wanting to play someone else. I have my own style, which you will either crave and enjoy or not.

* I will not watch any links you send me. I will not download anything.

* If you want to send me photos or a video of you, make sure it includes a tribute for my feedback and attention.

* Time wasters are blocked. I will not engage in back and forth conversation that isn't going anywhere. 10 "hellos" and not responding to my questions asking you what you are looking for will end up in you meeting my block.

* I have ZERO tolerance for rudeness, name calling, alpha males, aggressiveness.

* I do not and never will use paypal. Don't ask.

* Using Amazon is only for gifts & tributes. I do not use this for shows.

* Clthing requests are $25

*It has come to my conclusion I need to set some of you slaves / subs straight.
Real time sessions and Online sessions are completely different. There are things I do online that I do not do in person.

Below is a list of fetishes I cater to with clear info if I do it online or offline

NOT Available in Real Time
* Pussy Worship
* Tit Worship
* Touching of tits or pussy
* Sex
* Blowjobs
* Kissing
* Cuddling
* Interracial Humiliation (Available only online, clips, custom, phone, sext)
* Face Sitting Without Panties
* Fire Play
* Edge Play
* Throat Standing
* Plastic Bags on the face
* Vanilla
* Submission
* Switching
* Blackmail (Available only online, clips, custom, phone, sext)
* Religious Humiliation
* Underage
* Bestiality

Available Fetishes for online & Offline

* Muscle Worship
* Strap-on
* Loser Humiliation
* Virgin Humiliation
* Weight Humiliation
* SPH Humiliation
* Wife / Girlfriend / Ex Humiliation
* Faggot Humiliation
* Faggot Training (Glory-hole, Clubs, Fantasy)
* Poppers
* Intox
* Sissification
* Crossdressing Fantasy
* Financial Domination
* Cum Eating Instructions
* Foot Worship
* Ass Worship
* Fart Fetish
* Dirty Panty Sniffing
* Orgasm Denial
* BBC Fantasy (Online or Use of black strapon in person)
* Homewrecker
* Jerk-off Instructions
* Ignore Fetish