Christmas Cockathon

Well it's that time of the year hand humpers...
Tis the season to do what you do best, getting on your knees and sucking some big fat juicy cock. Fags like you don't deserve pussy and besides the thought of cock in any of your slutty holes makes you feel super kinky. It's the thrill that keeps on giving! Because you think and lust over penis some much I have decided to make a Christmas series for 12 days I will focus on exploring your gay side. It doesn't matter if you have tried cock or just think about it, you're a fag in my eyes. One of my biggest sellers are my strapon and gay fetish clips so I know there is lots of you perverts out there that can't get enough cock! Geezes when I put on my strapon I feel instant power over you, I get a thrill treating you like the slut that you truly are.

Sometimes I wonder how many men out there in public love cock...maybe its 1 in 20? I bet it's pretty high! Today I'm working on more than just starting this blog, creating a site, creating merchandise and some other things so stay connected and keep checking back for all my latest!

Now be a good hand humper and go get yourself some nasty and sexy fetish clips from my stores!

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